Football Competition


FOOTBALL BOYS It is with great pleasure to take this chance as a school captain football boys to thank our school Moro for supporting our talents in school. I would like to thank our games teacher Mr. Kevin Mbogo and his deputy Mr. Hussein Juma for encouraging us. Moro is a great school where people’s talents are improved. As the captain football boys I thereby take this chance to thank our players who also worked hard and took our school up to Sub-county level. I would like to appreciate some of the players such as Derrick Omore who acted as the field captain during my absence and Jonhpeter Odhiambo who also worked hard together with other students until that far we reached. It because of team work that enable us to reach the Sub-county level due this we were able to excel in games. Lastly I really commend our school Moro as one of the best school in the Sub-county and our beloved principal Mrs. Mary Onyango for the supporting the games department. Thank you. JUMA DICKENS OCHIENG


Welcome message Moro Secondary School is a Mixed Day Secondary School, located in Lisana Zone, Lower Nyakach Division, Nyakach Sub – County in …

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DRAMA CLUB I take this opportunity to thank my teachers. They have enabled me to explore my talent as an actor. I remember my first time in school …

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